Proceedings of TARK XI (2007)

Edited by Dov Samet 


June 25-27, 2007

Brussels, Belgium


No regrets: or: Edith Piaf revamps decision theory [PDF]
Frank Arntzenius


Learning, regret minimization and option pricing [PDF]
Yishay Mansour

Games, geometry, and the computational complexity of finding equilibria [PDF]
Bernhard von Stengel

Full and relative awareness: a decidable logic for reasoning about knowledge of unawareness [PDF]
Thomas Ågotnes, Natasha Alechina

Alternating-time temporal logics with irrevocable strategies [PDF]
Thomas Ågotnes, Valentin Goranko, Wojciech Jamroga

Epistemic analysis of strategic games with arbitrary strategy sets [PDF]
Krzysztof R. Apt

Commonsense reasoning by distance semantics [PDF]
Ofer Arieli

What can we achieve by arbitrary announcements?: A dynamic take on Fitch's knowability [PDF]
P. Balbiani, A. Baltag, H. van Ditmarsch, A. Herzig, T. Hoshi, T. de Lima

From conditional probability to the logic of doxastic actions [PDF]
Alexandru Baltag, Sonja Smets

Knowledge-based modelling of voting protocols [PDF]
A. Baskar, R. Ramanujam, S. P. Suresh

Merging frameworks for interaction: DEL and ETL [PDF]
Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy, Eric Pacuit

The computational complexity of choice sets [PDF]
Felix Brandt, Felix Fischer, Paul Harrenstein

A normal simulation of coalition logic and an epistemic extension [PDF]
Jan Broersen, Andreas Herzig, Nicolas Troquard

Limited verification of identities to induce false-name-proofness [PDF]
Vincent Conitzer

Imaging and Sleeping Beauty: a case for double-halfers [PDF]
Mikal Cozic

Inexact knowledge, margin for error and positive introspection [PDF]
Julien Dutant


Vote manipulation in the presence of multiple sincere ballots [PDF]
Ulle Endriss

Incorporating unawareness into contract theory [PDF]
Emel Filiz

Theorems and unawareness [PDF]
Spyros Galanis

Common p-belief and uncertainty [PDF]
Jayant V Ganguli

A flexible mechanism for dialogue design [PDF]
Guido Boella, Jelle Gerbrandy, Joris Hulstijn

Dealing with logical omniscience [PDF]
Joseph Y. Halpern, Riccardo Pucella

A canonical model for interactive unawareness [PDF]
Aviad Heifetz, Martin Meier, Burkhard C. Schipper

Unawareness, beliefs and games [PDF]
Aviad Heifetz, Martin Meier, Burkhard C. Schipper

Explaining quantity implicatures [PDF]
Tikitu de Jager, Robert van Rooij

Communication, consensus, and order.: Who wants to speak first? [PDF]
Nicolas Houy, Lucie Ménager

Preservation of epistemic properties in security protocol implementations [PDF]
Ron van der Meyden, Thomas Wilke

Robust equilibria under non-common priors [PDF]
Daisuke Oyama, Olivier Tercieux

Unawareness and strategic announcements in games with uncertainty [PDF]
Erkut Y. Ozbay

Perfect cryptography, S5 knowledge, and algorithmic knowledge [PDF]
Sabina Petride, Riccardo Pucella

Judgment aggregation and the problem of truth-tracking [PDF]
Gabriella Pigozzi, Stephan Hartmann

Generalized solution concepts in games with possibly unaware players [PDF]
Leandro C. Rêgo, Joseph Y. Halpern

Convergence of behavior in social networks [PDF]
Dinah Rosenberg, Eilon Solan, Nicolas Vieille

Alternating-time temporal logic with explicit strategies [PDF]
Dirk Walther, Wiebe van der Hoek, Michael Wooldridge

Sequential voting rules and multiple elections paradoxes [PDF]
Lirong Xia, Jérôme Lang, Mingsheng Ying