Proceedings of TARK III (1990)

Edited by Rohit Parikh


March 4-7, 1990

Pacific Grove, California

Nonmonotonic Reasoning [PDF]

K. Konolige


Recent Issues in Reasoning about Knowledge (Tutorial) [PDF]

R. Parikh


Intentional Paradoxes and an Inductive Theory of Propositional Quantification [PDF]

N. Asher


Propagating Epistemic Coordination Through Mutual Defaults I [PDF]

R.H. Thomason


A Nonstandard Approach to the Logical Omniscience Problem [PDF]

R. Fagin, J.Y. Halpern, and M.Y. Vardi


Preferential Logics: the Predicate Calculus Case [PDF]

D. Lehmann and M. Magidor


Nonmonotonic Default Modal Logics [PDF]

M. Tiomkin and M. Kaminski


Explanatory Belief Ascription [PDF]

K. Konolige


Autoepistemic Modal Logics [PDF]

G. Shvarts


Epistemic Semantics for Fixed-Points Non-Monotonic Logics [PDF]

F. Lin and Y. Shoham


System Z: A Natural Ordering of Defaults with Tractable Applications to Nonmonotonic Reasoning [PDF]

J. Pearl


Semantics for Conditionals (Tutorial) [PDF]

R. Stalnaker


Common Knowledge in Economics (Tutorial) [PDF]

J. Geanakoplos


Reaching Consensus on Decisions [PDF]

P.J. Krasucki


Agreeing to Disagree After All [PDF]

Y. Moses and G. Nachum


Costly Acquisition of (Differentiated) Information [PDF]

B. Allen


Dynamic Models of Deliberation and the Theory of Games (Invited Paper) [PDF]

B. Skyrms


A Note on the Consistency of Game Theory [PDF]

L Gilboa


On the Strategic Advantages of a Lack of Common Knowledge [PDF]

B.L. Lipman


Hypothesis Formation and Language Acquisition with an Infinitely-Often Correct Teacher [PDF]

S. Jain and A. Sharma


Nexttime is not Necessary [PDF]

E. Spaan


Kolmogorov's Logic of Problems and a Provability Interpretation of Intuitionistic Logic [PDF]

S. Artemov


Bilattices and Modal Operators [PDF]

M.L. Ginsberg


A Link Between Knowledge and Communication in Faulty Distributed Systems [PDF]

M.S. Mazer