Proceedings of TARK X (2005)

Edited by Ron van der Meyden


July 10-12, 2005


Games in system design and verification [PDF]
Thomas A. Henzinger 

Individual error, group error, and the value of information [PDF]
Itai Sher 

Order independence and rationalizability [PDF]
Krzysztof R. Apt 

Efficiency in negotiation: complexity and costly bargaining [Short Version]
Jihong Lee, Hamid Sabourian 

Stochastic uncoupled dynamics and nash equilibrium [Extended Abstract]
Sergiu Hart, Andreu Mas-Colell 

Logical omniscience and common knowledge: WHAT do we know and what do WE know? [PDF]
Rohit Parikh 

Interactive unawareness revisited [PDF]
Joseph Y. Halpern, Leandro Chaves Rêgo 

Complexity results for logics of local reasoning and inconsistent belief [PDF]
Martin Allen 

Semantics for multi-agent only knowing [Extended Abstract]
Arild Waaler, Bjørnar Solhaug 

Harsanyi type spaces with knowledge operators [PDF]
Martin Meier 

Understanding human strategies for change: an empirical study [PDF]
Alankar Karol, Mary-Anne Williams 

Decisions under subjective information [PDF]
Jack Stecher 

Exponential communication inefficiency of demand queries [PDF]
Noam Nisan, Ilya Segal 

The communication cost of selfishness: ex post implementation [PDF]
Ronald Fadel, Ilya Segal 

Inductive inference as ampliative and non monotonic reasoning [PDF
Isaac Levi 

Aggregating partially ordered preferences: impossibility and possibility results [PDF]
Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable, Toby Walsh 

Unconditional privacy in social choice [PDF]
Felix Brandt, Tuomas Sandholm 

Deciding knowledge properties of security protocols [PDF]
R. Ramanujam, S. P. Suresh 

Continuous consensus via common knowledge [PDF]
Tal Mizrahi, Yoram Moses 

Common knowledge in update logics [PDF]
Johan van Benthem, Jan van Eijck, Barteld Kooi 

First-order classical modal logic: applications in logics of knowledge and probability [PDF]
Horacio Arló-Costa, Eric Pacuit 

On epistemic logic with justification [PDF]
Sergei Artemov, Elena Nogina