Proceedings of TARK VII (1998)

Edited by Itzhak Gilboa


July 22-24, 1998

Evanston, Illinois

An Architecture for Heterogeneous Reasoning [PDF]

Jon Barwise


Toward Software Synthesis for Distributed Applications [PDF]

Aleta Ricciardi and Paul Grisham 


Knowledge and the Logic of Local Propositiom [PDF]

Kai Engelhardt, Ron van der Meyden, and Yoram Moses


The Logic of Public Announcements and Common Knowledge and Private Suspicions [PDF]

Alexandru Batlag, Lawrence S. Moss, and Slawomir Solecki


Intra-Agent Modality and Noumonotonic Epistemic Logic [PDF]

Richmond H. Thomason 


Simulative Inference About Nonmonotonic Reasoners [PDF]

Aaron N. Kaplan


Hypothetical Knowledge and Counteffactual Reasoning [PDF]

Joseph Y. Halpern


Using Counteffactuals in Knowledge-Based Programming [PDF]

Joseph E Halpern and Yoram Moses


The Learning Power of Belief Revision [PDF]

Kevin Z Kelly


A Modal Logic of Information Change [PDF]

Joeri Engelfriet and Yde Venema 


Characterizing the Common Prior Assumption [PDF]

Joseph Y. Halpern


Understanding Common Priors under Incomplete Information [PDF]

Giacomo Bonanno and Klaus Nehring


Nonstandard Numbers for Qualitative Decision Making [PDF]

Daniel Lehmann


The Modal Logic of Probability [PDF]

Aviad Heifetz and Philippe Mongin


Games and Conditionals [PDF]

Horacio Arlo-Costa and Cristina Bicchieri 


Belief Revision and Rationalizability [PDF]

Oliver J. Board 


Conditional, Hierarchical, Multi-Agent Preferences [PDF]

Piero La Mura and Yoav Shoham


Beating a Finite Automaton in the Big Match [PDF]

Lance Fortnow and Peter Kimmel


Logic and Choice [PDF]

Hans Rott


Evaluating Options in a Context [PDF]

John F. Horty and Martha E. Pollack


Quantified Befiefs and Believed Quantities [PDF]

Dov Samet (Invited Talk)


Interaction Games: A Unified Analysis of Incomplete Information and Local Interaction [PDF]

Stephen Morris


Distributed Games [PDF]

Dov Monderer and Moshe Tennenholtz 


Ambiguity Made Precise: A Comparative Foundation [PDF]

Paolo Ghirardato and Massimo Marinacci