Proceedings of TARK XV (2015)

R Ramanujam  


June 4-6, 2015

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, USA


Invited Presentation: The Problem of Analogical Inference in Inductive Logic
Simon M. Huttegger

Invited Presentation: Human-Agent Decision-making: Combining Theory and Practice
Sarit Kraus

Resolving Distributed Knowledge
Thomas Ågotnes and Yì N. Wáng

Epistemic Protocols for Distributed Gossiping
Krzysztof R. Apt, Davide Grossi and Wiebe van der Hoek

Coordination Games on Directed Graphs
Krzysztof R. Apt, Sunil Simon and Dominik Wojtczak

On the Solvability of Inductive Problems: A Study in Epistemic Topology
Alexandru Baltag, Nina Gierasimczuk and Sonja Smets

Bayesian Games with Intentions
Adam Bjorndahl, Joseph Y. Halpern and Rafael Pass

Translucent Players: Explaining Cooperative Behavior in Social Dilemmas
Valerio Capraro and Joseph Y. Halpern

Single-Peaked Consistency for Weak Orders Is Easy
Zack Fitzsimmons

Standard State Space Models of Unawareness (Extended Abstract)
Peter Fritz and Harvey Lederman

Do players reason by forward induction in dynamic perfect information games?
Sujata Ghosh, Aviad Heifetz and Rineke Verbrugge

Ceteris paribus logic in counterfactual reasoning
Patrick Girard and Marcus Anthony Triplett

An Axiomatic Approach to Routing
Omer Lev, Moshe Tennenholtz and Aviv Zohar

Preference at First Sight
Chanjuan Liu

The optimality of coarse categories in decision-making and information storage
Michael Mandler

Relating Knowledge and Coordinated Action: The Knowledge of Preconditions Principle
Yoram Moses

Parameterized Complexity Results for a Model of Theory of Mind Based on Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Iris van de Pol, Iris van Rooij and Jakub Szymanik

Undecidable Cases of Model Checking Probabilistic Temporal-Epistemic Logic (Extended Abstract)
R van der Meyden and M K Patra

Announcement as effort on topological spaces
Hans van Ditmarsch, Sophia Knight and Aybüke Özgün

A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Conformant Planning
Quan Yu, Yanjun Li and Yanjing Wang