Proceedings of TARK VIII (2001)

Edited by Johan van Benthem


July 8-10, 2001

Certosa di Pontignano, University of Siena, Italy

Epistemology Probabilized. [PDF]

Richard Jeffrey.


Lexicograhpic Probability, Conditional Probability, and Non-standard Probability. [PDF]

Joseph Y. Halpern.


Epistemic Conditions for Iterated Admissibility. [PDF]

Adam Brandenburger, H. Jerom Keisler.


Stories and Assessments of Plausibility. [PDF]

Ricky Lam.


Logics for Information Update. [PDF]

Johan van Benthem.


Optimization Games: An Application. [PDF]

Maria Aloni.


Relevance of Communicative Acts. [PDF]

Robert van Rooy.


Some Philosophical Aspects of Reasoning about Knowledge. [PDF]

Timothy Williamson.


Planning and Programming with First-Order Markov Decision Processes: Insights and Challenges. [PDF]

Craig Boutilier.


Logics for Insecure Communication. [PDF]

Alexandru Baltag.


Modeling Beliefs in Games with Generalized Preferences. [PDF]

Rupa Athreya.


A Negotiation-style Framework for Non-prioritized Revision. [PDF]

Richard Booth.


Non-prioritised Ranked Belief Change. [PDF]

Thomas Meyer, Aditya Ghose, Samir Chopra.


Cryptography and Mechanism Design. [PDF]

Moni Naor.


Costly Valuation Computation in Auctions. [PDF]

Kate Larson, Thomas Sandholm.


On Perfect Secret Sharing Schemes and Coalitional Game Forms. [PDF]

Stefano Vannucci.


A Logical Toolbox for Knowledge Approximation. [PDF]

Frederic Koriche and Jean Sallantin.


Extending Interpreted Systems with Some Deontic Concepts. [PDF]

Alessio Lomuscio, Marek Sergot.


Decisions, Agents, and Games. [PDF]

Marina De Vos and Dirk Vermeir.


Structured Models for Multi-agent Interactions. [PDF]

Daphne Koller, Brian Milch.


On the Value of Private Information. [PDF]

Jon Kleinberg, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Prabhakar Raghavan.


Coalition Games and Alternating Temporal Logics. [PDF]

Valentin Goranko.


Revising Predictions. [PDF]

Giacomo Bonanno.


Boolean Games. [PDF]

Paul Harrenstein, Wiebe van der Hoek, John-Jules Meyer.


Learning to Play Games in Extensive Form by Valuation. [PDF]

Philippe Jeheil, Dov Samet.


Procedurally Rational Experimentation in Infinite-Horizon Games. [PDF]

Ran Spiegler.


Public Reason, Social Choice, and Cooperation. [PDF]

Bruce Chapman.


Superagency: Beyond and Individualistc Game Theory. [PDF]

Michael Bacharach.