Proceedings of TARK IV (1992)

Edited by Yoram Moses


March 22-25, 1992

Monterey California

Knowledge and Communication (A tutorial). [PDF]

Yoram Moses.


Practical Utility of Knowledge-Based Analyses : Optimizations and Optimality for an Implementation of Asynchronous, Fail-Stop Processes. [PDF]

Aleta M. Ricciardi.


Characterizing Distributed Systems Using Knowledge-Based Models. [PDF]

Deborah Shands, Chung-Kuo Chang.


Using Knowledge to Optimally Achieve Coordination in Distributed Systems. [PDF]

Gil Neiger.


Doxastic Paradox and Reputation Effects in Iterated Games. [PDF]

Robert C. Koons.


A Game-Theoretic Account of Implicature. [PDF]

Prahsant Parikh.


Topological Reasoning and the Logic of Knowledge. [PDF]

Lawrence S. Moss, Rohit Parikh.


Multiple Mental Attitudes in Agents. [PDF]

Yoav Shoham.


Perspectives on Bounded Rationality. [PDF]

Robert Aumann.


Decision Theory with Higher Order Beliefs. [PDF]

Aldo Rustichini.


On the Semantics of Belief Revision Systems. [PDF]

Gosta Grahne, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Ray Reiter.


Updating Ambiguous Beliefs. [PDF]

Itzhak Gilboa, David Schniedler.


The Ex-Ante Non-optimality of the Dempster-Schafer Updating Rule for Ambiguous Beliefs. [PDF]

James Dow, Sergio Ribiero da Costa Werlang.


Epistemic Logic: From Knowledge to Cognition. [PDF]

Johan van Benthem.


Approximate Reasoning and non-Omniscient Agents. [PDF]

Marco Cadoli, Marco Schaerf.


Modal Logic S4F and the Minimal Knowledge Paradigm. [PDF]

Grigori Schwarz, Miroslaw Truszcynski.


On Perfect Introspection with Quantifying-in. [PDF]

Gerhard Lakemeyer.


Generalized Kripke Models for Epistemic Logic. [PDF]

Frans Voorbraak.


The Expressive Power of the Hierarchical Approach to Modeling Knowledge and Common Knowledge. [PDF]

Ronald Fagin, John Geanakoplos, Joseph Y. Halpern, Moshe Y. Vardi.


Some Results on Consensus. [PDF]

Paul J. Krasucki.


Common Knowledge. [PDF]

John Geanakoplos.


Notes on Conditional Semantics. [PDF]

Robert Stalnaker.