Proceedings of TARK VI (1996)

Edited by Yoav Shoham


March 17-20, 1996

De Zeeuwse Stromen, The Netherlands

Local Knowledge Assertions in a Changing World [PDF]

R. Ramanujam


Implementing Knowledge-Based Programs [PDF]

Moshe Y. Vardi


Knowledge Based Programs: On the Complexity of Perfect Recall in Finite Environments [PDF]

Ron van der Meyden


Invited Talk: Causation, Action and Counterfactuals [PDF]

Judea Pearl


On the Interpretation of Decision Problems with Imperfect Recall (Abstract) [PDF]

Michete Piccione and Ariel Rubinstein


On Ambiguities in the Interpretation of Game Trees [PDF]

Joseph Y. Halpern


The Absent-Minded Driver [PDF]

Robert J. Aumann, Sergiu Hart and Motty Perry


Belief Revision and Knowledge Representation (Abstract) [PDF]

P. Giirdenfors


Changing Conditional Belief Unconditionally [PDF]

Abhaya C. Nayak, Norman Y. Foo, Maurice Pagnucco and Abdul Sattar


Distance Semantics for Belief Revision [PDF]

Karl Schlechta, Daniel Lehmann and Menachem Magidor


Belief Change and Dependence [PDF]

Luis Fari~as del Cerro and Andreas Herzig


Counterfactuals and Updates as Inverse Modalities [PDF]

Mark Ryan, Pierre-Yves Schobbens and Odinaldo Rodrigues


Multi-Agent Belief Revision [PDF]

Noa E. Kfir-Dahav and Moshe Tennenholtz


Planning, Learning and Coordination in Multiagent Decision Processes [PDF]

Craig Boutilier


Knowledge at Equilibrium [PDF]

E. Minelli and H. M. Polemarchakis


Nondeterministic Action and Dominance: Foundations for Planning and Qualitative Decision [PDF]

Richmond H. Thomason and John F. Horty


Multi-Agent Only Knowing [PDF]

Joseph Y. Halpern and Gerhard Lakemeyer


Rationality Postulates for Induction [PDF]

Peter A. Flach


Common Knowledge Revisited [PDF]

Ronald Fagin, Joseph Y. Halpern, Yoram Moses and Moshe Y. Vardi


Economics and Game Theory Perspective (Abstract) [PDF]

S. Morris