Proceedings of TARK IX (2003)

Edited by Moshe Tennenholtz


June 20-22nd, 2003

Indiana University, Indiana

Rationalizability and minimal complexity in dynamic games [PDF]
Andrés Perea

Iterated backward inference: an algorithm for proper rationalizability  [PDF]
Oliver Schulte

Categorical cognition: a psychological model of categories and identification in decision making: extended abstract  [PDF]
Roland G. Fryer, Matthew O. Jackson

Decision-theoretic entropy  [PDF]
Pierfrancesco La Mura

Being polite is a handicap: towards a game theoretical analysis of polite linguistic behavior  [PDF]
Robert van Rooy

Towards a general theory of non-cooperative computation  [PDF]
Robert McGrew, Ryan Porter, Yoav Shoham

Incentive compatible multi unit combinatorial auctions  [PDF]
Yair Bartal, Rica Gonen, Noam Nisan

Structured interaction in game theory [PDF]
Michael Kearns

Economic efficiency versus complexity communication  [PDF]
Dov Monderer

The semantics of preference-based belief operators [PDF]
Geir B. Asheim, Ylva Søvik

Knowledge in quantum systems  [PDF]
R. van der Meyden, Manas Patra

Probabilistic algorithmic knowledge  [PDF]
Joseph Y. Halpern, Riccardo Pucella

Enumerative induction  [PDF]
Wolfgang Spohn

Multi-person unawareness  [PDF]
Aviad Heifetz, Martin Meier, Burkhard C. Schipper

Belief liberation (and retraction)  [PDF]
Richard Booth, Samir Chopra, Aditya Ghose, Thomas Meyer

Iterated abduction and conditional coherence  [PDF]
Horacio Arló Costa

Dynamic models of coalition formation: fallback vs. build-up  [PDF]
Steven J. Brams, Michael A. Jones, D. Marc Kilgour

How many candidates are needed to make elections hard to manipulate?  [PDF]
Vincent Conitzer, Jérôme Lang, Tuomas Sandholm

Pure Nash equilibria: hard and easy games  [PDF]
Georg Gottlob, Gianluigi Greco, Francesco Scarcello

Cooperation and coordination in the turn-taking dilemma  [PDF]
Daniel B. Neill